New York food state of mind

A food tour around New York – this was what our dreams are made of!

They came true.  All the work beforehand of writing our own foodie list, the places to visit, the most blogged about bagel places.  The Michelin star restaurants to eat at.  It came true in February 2017.  And we can still remember every gosh darn delicious morsel eaten around that incredibly, memorable, beautiful city (and thought it was high time to put up our delicious itinerary!).

If you are thinking of heading to New York City, this little collection of food jaunts might just help you.  To help you get around this big old city, we marked all the locations on Google Maps – who knew Google Maps allowed you to make your own map – our minds were blown!  Our personal favourite, which we went back to twice – Hill Country BBQ Market.  Huge amounts of slow cooked meats served deli style and a karaoke bar downstairs – perfection!



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