Brisbane BBQ Festival

How could this not make your belly happy and your Saturday great!  It was a day where Brisbane turned on the sun, with that smokey meat smell wafting through the air around the RNA Showgrounds.

We arrived spot on 10am to an already long line where we were forced to take in the delicious surrounding smells and wait.  Needless to say it wasn’t long before we were branded with our wrist tag and free to soak up the BBQ filled surroundings.

The layout was actually well done, albeit we thought it could have been even MORE jampacked with meaty goodness as it wasn’t filling up as much as we thought.  But hey, we were those weird early-birds there to eat meat at 10am so what can you really expect.

First things first the showground area where local vendors packed in.  Again, we would love to see this area even MORE filled, with not just bbq spice rubs and sauces but beer stalls, wine stalls and even spirit stalls – there was definitely plenty of undercover room for more to be added.

Next, the music started. In multiple locations.  Situated on both the main stage and the back of a pick up truck.  Cleverly done we thought.

Alas, the morning meat plate from Ozmoke defeated us early.  Maybe perhaps, prior to, we had wandered down the Pitmaster area and were greeted with tastings of chicken wings, chorizo sausages and many more tasty morsels that were being cooked by those awaiting later judgement.

A quick look at the Weber demonstrations (more tasty morsels), Hestons fancy strange coloured bbqs, a listen to a steak cooking demo and the PitMaster Q & A’s and we were spent.

Sun and meat eating = a pretty productive day we think.

Thanks for a meatfilled delicious day #brisbanebbqfestival


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